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Bespoke timber frames are individually designed timber structures usually designed for one off builds. These can be designed for any shape or size of building. Most commonly the architects design will be considered by the structural engineer and the specialist company that will supply the frame, often such companies will install the works, however, Payne Carpentry Ltd can carry out such installations. 

This type of construction is generally more traditional and certainly not the most cost-effective way of building, although there is no better way to replicate rural structures especially in oak frame and Tudor style.  


  • Can be designed to any shape and size building

  • Traditional designs are accurately replicated

  • Timber frames can be constructed in a shorter time frame making them more cost effective to build

  • Timber frames are not weather dependent. They are wind dependant when working with a crane 

  • Savings on Prelims

  • Quicker return on capital outlay

  • Lightweight structures – often savings are made in foundation costs


Ordinarily these buildings will be constructed from unseasoned Oak commonly referred to as green Oak, these materials are very heavy and mechanical lifting equipment will almost certainly be required to erect the works section by section. 

Usually a working scaffold will be erected prior to assembly commencing and often this will be a purposely designed scaffold to enable unrestricted timber frame assembly, the scaffold would be independently braced therefore not relying on the requirement to be tied to the timber frame structure.  
Prior to the frame being delivered to site a lifting plan should be created. Adequate storage and materials lay down zones considered; such considerations Payne Carpentry Ltd would be happy to assist with.  
In the modern era each component will be pre-worked regarding sizing, shaping and joint connections with only the erection works happening on site. Each individual member would be numbered and referenced to the structural design drawings for organised working.  
There are various ways of assembling a bespoke timber frame structure but generally the basic principles are very similar.  
The frame will be delivered to site as individual timber sections comprising of the many different components required to create a freestanding frame when assembled. 
In most cases there will be a continuous timber sole plate sited on to the DPC masonry splash course dictating the external perimeter and internal load bearing wall positions. Upright members, posts, studs, will be sited from the sole plate into predetermined mortice and tenon joints, a head section, usually a mirror image of the sole plates will then be lowered onto the uprights again into predetermined mortice and tenon joints. Temporary bracing works will be employed to keep the part assembled structure from toppling until all frame members have been installed and connected, creating a stable independent structure ready for other works to commence. 
Like steel framed buildings, the timber frame will need to be infilled to create walls, floors and ceilings. There are many ways to achieve this pending on the required effect. 

bespoke timber frame

How can we manage your needs?

Payne Carpentry have extensive experience in the many types of bespoke timber frames. We manage our clients’ needs by providing time and cost saving solutions by carrying out the following compulsory works procedures as part of our standard service.

  • All applicable installations are completed to manufacturing guides for product warranties
  • Quality and workmanship audits throughout the job
  • Health and Safety auditing for a clean, safe work environment
  • Regular site reports to assist site managers with build progress
  • Training & development programmes to improve our service
  • Always considering other trades when working onsite by going the extra mile on our quality of work and keeping things clean and tidy
We are always available and more than willing to offer valuable advice to our clients in assisting with the selection of products and services that are best suited. Below is a list of these additional services we offer.
  • A Supply and fit service
  • A Labour only service
  • Liaise with any client, Architect, structural engineer & design representatives at the initial stages of your project
  • Liaise with Local Build Control authorities/officers to sign off the installed works for warranty approvals etc. 

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